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  1. Non-Custodial Wallet (Example is Guapcoin) Think of this class of Crypto Wallet like a bank account with a bank account number (your wallet's public address) and your PIN number (your wallet's private Key) A Guapcoin wallet ( mobile or desktop) is free! You are in total control of your money! You don't need a third-party to conduct transactions involving your money! All transactions are initiated by you on the Guapcoin blockchain. You can conduct transactions 24/7. The blockchain is the Tool to complete your transactions in a Trustless secure environment (i.e, no humans or organizations are involved) Custodial Wallet (Example is Coinbase) Coinbase has possession of your Wallet's Private Key and is responsible for it's safe-keeping. You must provide Coinbase with your personal information (KYC) to get a wallet with them!
  2. Example Transaction: Send 1000 guapcoins to MetaMask go to https://www.xguap.com/transform/ to get your Smart Contract Guapcoin Address for where to send your Guapcoins Complete the fields in the Swap window. for the Swap from Guap field enter 1000. for the $XGuap Address field (Bep20)field enter 0xd74068c0fff0694bb7ad88bce9cdc5f74799f05c Next click 'Swap'. You will get an Address for where to send your 1000 Guapcoins. Send 1000 Guapcoins to that address. Because the Guap to $xGuap transformation is pegged 1 to 1, you will end up with 1000 $XGuap tokens in your Desktop Metamask Wallet after the Guapcoin send is complete with the required number of confirmations (about 9) on the transaction. You will also get a message telling you the Swap is complete in the Swap window. Good Luck and Happy Trading!
  3. 1.)Make sure you're on the Smart Chain network Select 'Import tokens from the bottom of the Custom Token page: Complete the fields in the Import Custom Tokens View: Token Address enter (0xd74068c0fff0694bb7ad88bce9cdc5f74799f05c) for Token Symbol enter $XGuap. for Token of precision enter 18 Next ,click 'Import The $XGuap Token should now show on your Smart Chain when searched.
  4. This tutorial assumes that you have already set up your metamask Desktop Wallet to support the Binance Smart Chain. If not, see the instructions for connecting to the Binance Smart Chain. After logging into your Metamask wallet, select 'Other networks Click on Browser, Look for three dots in the bottom right corner of the page and click on the dots You will see Smart Chain among the Network options. Select Switch Network, then scroll through network options and select 'Smart Chain' That's all.
  5. Login to your metamask desktop Wallet. go to settings. select networks select add network at bottom of view Complete fields for new RPC network. for Network Name enter Smart Chain for RPC URL enter https://BSC-Dataseed.binance.org/ for chain ID enter 56 for symbol enter BNB. for block explorer enter https://BSCSCAN.com Lastly, click add. Now the networks supported by metamask has changed to include the Binance Smart Chain (evidence is the Etherium logo has changed to the Binance logo, and wallet coins on the smart chain network shows BNB). good luck! network view.pdf
  6. Tavonia Evans says xguap is live, but where?
  7. It’s important to understand what the masternode private key is used for. It does not give access to any funds in your wallet and it is not a ‘normal’ private key. The masternode private key allows the external wallet (on a Vitual PrivateServer,VPS) that runs the masternode software to be connected to the local wallet (often on your PC). The local wallet on your PC can then control the masternode (send start/stop commands to it). The masternode private keys are used to encrypt the messaging between the Network and the nodes (identifier). A wallet private key allows you to access your coins in that wallet address, import the wallet address to a new wallet, and control the sending and receiving of coins. Never share this private key with others!!!
  8. # Format: alias IP:port masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index Example:NM_MN1 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0
  9. Go to Your Desktop Wallet Console Go to the settings tab of your wallet. Then click the debug tab, then select Console from the dropdown window. Unlock Your Desktop Wallet In the console field, start to type wallet , you will then see wallet passphrase in a menu, select on wallet passphrase from the menu. type as follows (a space, your wallet's passphrase, another space, the number of seconds(example 1200 for 20 minutes) you want your wallet to be unlocked, then hit enter. Reveal and Backup Your Desktop Wallet Private Keys In the console start to type dumppriv key, it will now be seen in a menu so select dumpprivkey from menu. Now Go to the home page of your wallet and in the upper right hand corner of this page you will see the QR code for your wallet's public address, then click on the QR code and copy it. Return to the wallet's console via the settings tab, then type the dumpprivkey console command and hit a space, then paste in the wallet's address you just copied in step-6, then hit enter. You should now see your private key as output (Never ever share your private key with others because they will then have access to your coins!!!) Copy and save your private in a safe place for a possible future need! Do this for every wallet address you have created in your Desktop Wallet. Good luck family!
  10. I need help on unlocking a desktop wallet before I can use get my wallet's private keys. I walked through the procedure, but at the end, I got an error message:"malformed base64 encoding(h5fC/uO6IRP2mCFFHWjDE/6QMWkdOI1V9IGa703ZwvRthcNPoT0GL3gydu4yhfmeavjqFUP4UNg/4=). The wallet console "dumpwallet guapcoin_private keys.txt " command does not work unless the wallet is unlocked first. .help please. I received the code above as a wallet signature that is suppose to prove that i own the wallet to unlock the wallet, but this signature returns an error message: "malformedbase64 encoding.
  11. In my desktop wallet. where it shows. "immature"Guap, I keep getting very large Guap amounts coming through, which causes my total Guap balance to be ever changing. I have been trying to trouble shoot i f I have a wallet syncing problem, but, now I am stuck. Do you have any thoughts on what may be my wallet problem. thank you in advance.I was trying to set up masternode number 22 when the problem first manifested. My computer is a Macbook Air M1 and my operating system is up to date. Also I am using the Pecunia platform to host my Guapcoin Masternodes, I have a very strong wifi signal in my home where my computer is. I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue. I thank you in advance. I have tried a few of the wallet repair options, but no sucess!
  12. On March 13th,2021.  Guapcoin hit an all time high of $5.42.  Let's do it again!

  13. CryptoWallet functions: 1. A "key holder Program( Public and Private). 2.A Private Key: allows you to access and control your crypto currency. 3. Digital Signature: A way to prove you own a private key without having to expose the actual private key to potential bad actors(example hackers). -- Never Ever share your private key with someone!! 4. Broadcasting a transaction to the whole blockchain: A way to validate the transaction's authenticity. 5. Public Key: a cryptographic code(GgPMGC3eNAF2edmkRJbLWT5KeWWpYXe7v3a) used to facilitate transactions between parties, allowing users to receive cryptocurrencies in their accounts. ... The public key is used to verify the digital signature, which proves ownership of the private. 6. Digital Signing:(involves a transaction plus Private key) 5 A blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority(third party). Potential applications can include fund transfers, settling trades, voting, and many other issues.
  14. FCA can be an effective way to own crypto without the notoriously difficult work of timing the market or the risk of unwittingly using all of your funds to invest “a lump sum” at a peak. The key is choosing an amount that's affordable and investing regularly, no matter the price of an asset.
  15. https://pecuniaplatform.io/account Pecunia is a relatively inexpensive VPS for hosting Masternodes and they are extremely helpful. I currently am hosting 18 Guapcoin Masternodes with them.

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