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  1. Thanks for checking in! Grow Your Guap is a project that Tavonia and her team developed and operated to help newcomers over the past several years begin acquiring and growing their Guapcoin. Last we heard from Tavonia, it is basically on an indefinite pause with possibility that it will be resumed in the future, but not for certain. It's a major project that requires a great deal of skill and time to maintain, particularly when the Guap blockchain undergoes major updates. Tavonia and the team just don't have the hours to keep it going right now, and the hope is that people in the Guap community will learn and teach each other how to setup their own staking or masternodes to support the blockchain and strengthen the ecosystem, shifting more of the tech burden to the global community. Earlier this year, Tavonia and the team made it possible for people to withdraw their funds at anytime, even if their two-year commitment wasn't complete.
  2. June 2, 2022 A decentralized series of events hosted in a metaverse. This conversation features a panel of experts, including Tavonia Evans, discussing the crypto economy and decentralized finance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piDWqVEaWnc
  3. May 18, 2022 Tavonia Evans, Atlanta-based founder of $Guapcoin, talks about how cryptocurrency -- despite its recent selloffs -- offers an alternative investing option for underserved minority communities that mistrust the stock market. She shares her vision for small businesses expanding their use of cryptocurrency. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2022-05-18/bringing-buyblack-to-crypto-video
  4. Hi MiraMar! Sorry for the trouble. Your desktop wallet will only connect with the blockchain and be able to send/receive transactions and sync correctly if you upgrade it to v2.3.2. Please do the following: Go to https://guapexplorer.com/ and paste in the address of the desktop wallet you were trying to send the coins from and see if that address shows all the coins still sitting in it. Let me know what you find and feel free to direct message me your wallet address if you want me to help and don't want to post it publicly here. Take a bit to just read the instruction for upgrading your desktop wallet here: Update Instructions and make sure your wallet is backed up. You can wait to upgrade your wallet until we figure out the transactions first, or you can proceed with the upgrade if you feel comfortable. Just don't do it without first backing up your desktop wallet including private keys, top priority. Keep me posted please!
  5. Thanks for sharing your excitement and determination, along with your dreams of the possibilities as Guapcoin could connect with other projects through the efforts of its community. Great things can happen when we work together for the good of all.
  6. Join CryptoRebel in a free 1-hour mini-class via zoom, taught by Tavonia Evans, Director, Founder and Lead Engineer of Guapcoin Cryptocurrency: Digital Investments and the Future of Finance - 5 Things to Get You 5 Years Ahead May 25, 2022 - 11am-12pm EST ClassRebel Link: https://classrebel.com/ Registration Link: Register Here We're excited to dive into how to use, trade and invest in cryptocurrency in this FREE live mini-class with you. You will learn: • How blockchain technology makes cryptocurrencies possible • The three major classes of crypto coins • The three basic types of crypto wallets • The two types of crypto exchanges • What crypto trading actually looks like TAUGHT BY SOMEONE WHO’S DONE IT: Tavonia - the Cryptodeeva - built and launched her own cryptocurrency which now has over 100,000 wallet holders. She actively invests in other cryptocurrencies and uses them to finance her business. She is regularly featured in the media, including CNN, CNBC, Adweek, Black Enterprise and Glamour, as an expert on all things crypto. To stay smart on all things ClassRebel: • Sign up to take the full 8-hour Cryptocurrency course. • Follow along on Instagram to be in the know on upcoming mini-classes, new instructors, and new courses. • Check out our full upcoming class schedule. See you in class! The ClassRebel Team Our mission: Modern skillsets. Taught live. Available to all. Affordable to all. ClassRebel Link: https://classrebel.com/
  7. Are you still having the same troubles you noted up above? You can also try chatting in the Telegram support group and some community members might be able to help you out in a more real-time way too: https://t.me/joinchat/HgQWhIFCqaeXLzPF If you have your private key, the basic steps are: On the new computer, install the new 2.3.2 Guapcoin wallet from here: https://guapcoin.org/get-guap/ Once the wallet is fully installed and synced, make sure it is unlocked. Go to settings > debug > console and type this in the command line (I'm entering 12345 as a fake private key but you replace it with your true private key copied and pasted if possible so you don't mis-type) : importprivkey 12345 Then hit enter and it should import your wallet to the desktop wallet.
  8. Use your passion and skills to help grow the Guap global family There are so many ways that you can help this project thrive. You have so much to offer. Together, we are the wealth! Here are just a few ideas: Talk about Guapcoin with family, friends, people you meet, anyone, and help them get a Guap wallet! Start paying friends with Guapcoin and keep the Guap flowing in the community. Write a post in the Why Does Guapcoin Matter section here on Guaptalk. Broadcast info about Guap on social media. Connect with Black-owned businesses and invite them to be merchants. Answer people's questions in the Telegram group or here on Guaptalk. Be involved with Guap marketing projects. Join the Guap development Telegram group (listed in the official links post ). Contact The Guap Foundation and offer your skills. Donate to The Guap Foundation. Raise funds for The Guap Foundation. Vote daily at CoinMarketCap that you feel good about Guapcoin. Here's the link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/guapcoin/ Take your own unique actions alone or with others in the community.
  9. April 5, 2022 Story by Cory Henry As a Blockchain community contributor I’m often asked to justify my affinity for $GUAP. With tens of thousands of other tokens available on many different platforms, with hundreds of millions of market cap available, why continue to invest in this diaspora token? My answer is use case, scalability, and scarcity. https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2022/04/the-case-for-guapcoin/
  10. You can see the website she setup at https://www.xguap.com/
  11. Hey Guap Family, I just wanted to share my perspective and understanding on the four major projects Tavonia recently mentioned in Telegram that she and her team are currently working on. Keep in mind these are short summaries and you'll want to dig further by reading the websites and published papers, and also researching the technology that's referenced, but I'm hoping this at least gives some basic clarity and keeps the community dreaming about what's possible. Project 1 - Nu MetaVerse A MetaVerse project being built from the ground up via a new layer 2 Guapcoin blockchain that's structured on top of the current layer 1 Guapcoin blockchain. In other words, it piggy-backs on top of the current guapcoin blockchain and will allow the Nu metaverse currency, Guapcoin, and other currencies to flow throughout the metaverse, while still remaining connected to the Guapcoin blockchain that's already built and in operation. See this link for a quick summary about Layer 2 chains: https://academy.binance.com/en/glossary/layer-2 and you can also Google Layer 2 for more a lot more detailed information. Furthermore, it's significant to note that Nu metaverse will be connected with the Nu Social Media Platform that Tavonia has already built and been working on, which is part of why the whitepaper articulates that Nu is the first Metaverse that crosses the boundary of virtual reality and reality. See these links for more information about the Nu Social Media Platform: http://queenrising.com/fly/culture/join-nu-social-media-platform/ and https://nu.network/ Project 2 - GuapPay https://guappay.com/ A payment platform solution to help Guap merchants (particularly small businesses) and Guap users gain access to Guapcoin and utilize it as a currency, keeping the money flowing among the Black Community (instead of leaving it), while benefitting the community through transaction processing fees/rewards that stay in the community (those connected to GuapPay as well as stakers and masternode holders). Read through the pitch deck Tavonia posted, and take a look at the website and you'll see that this solution is all about making it easier for Black Owned Businesses to accept Guapcoin, have access to liquidity, and be given support by a proficient team along the way, while also providing consumers with options like prepaid crypto cards, crypto debit & loyalty cards, and training and support. All of this built around Guapcoin as the currency and the blockchain hub. Pitch Deck: GuapPay Deck.pdf Project 3 - Venture Capital Fundraising We all know that like any other crypto project, Guapcoin needs money to advance to the next levels. There have been a lot of crypto projects of all different types and sizes that sell an initial massive amount of coins (initial coin offering) or NFT's to gain a huge influx of funding. That's not the route that Tavonia and Guapcoin team chose at the beginning. This is a bootstrapped, community participated and fundraised project built via grassroots effort. All too often, you'll hear stories of these projects that took the large initial funding and ran away with it, or the project faded away, and lost all momentum. Guapcoin is still here with a passionate community, almost 5 years strong, and more catching the vision. Receiving venture capital would be a huge boost to the Guapcoin ecosystem, project, and capabilities. Project 4 - XGuap https://www.xguap.com/ You don't need XGuap unless you want to trade Guapcoin on a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. Take a look at the website and you'll get some more info. The goal of this project is to give people more access to Guapcoin, which increases liquidity for everyone. XGuap is like Guapcoin that's been put in a suitcase/wrapper so it can be traded on the Binance Smart Chain. Guapcoin gets wrapped in a smart contract code suitcase and that process/conversion results in XGuap being generated and sent to the user's wallet (Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Metamask, etc) to be traded on a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. Or a user buys XGuap on PancakeSwap and then unwraps it (pulls Guapcoin out of the suitcase) via the smart-contract code and receives Guapcoin in their Guap wallet at a 1 to 1 ratio. Some examples are presented further down. The community has talked for awhile about how it would be great if Guapcoin was on another exchange besides just ProBit. The reality is, getting listed on other centralized exchanges (Coinbase, Kukoin, Kraken, etc) requires a large payment of upfront capital and/or a lengthy approval process (sometimes with no responses for months), and that's not the only route to go. Another option is to utilize decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap or UniSwap (among many others, but those are two of the larger more well-established ones) and get Guapcoin on there. A decentralized exchange lets users remain anonymous. You basically get a compatible software crypto wallet (Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Metamask, etc), connect your wallet to the decentralized exchange of your choice, and make the direct trade from one coin to another. No registration, no proof of identity, no know your customer steps. However, it does require some study, learning, and careful attention to detail to have your transactions go through and send funds to/from that wallet, and make sure you're actually getting the coin you want. So users need to proceed with care, watch videos, learn as much as possible before just jumping in, and then start slow with small amounts of coins. It's not for everyone, and ProBit will still remain a valid option for buying/selling Guapcoin. XGuap will start on PancakeSwap PancakeSwap operates on Binance Smart Chain (allowing you to trade coins connected to that blockchain) and UniSwap operates on the Ethereum blockchain (allowing you to trade coins connected to that blockchain). Since Guapcoin is its own blockchain, it can't be traded directly on either of those decentralized exchanges because it's not part of the Binance or Ethereum blockchains. One option is to create a wrapped token called XGuap that's like a little suitcase to carry Guapcoin on the Binance Smart Chain decentralized exchange. Part of the reason that Binance Smart Chain was chosen is because it has significantly lower fees than the Ethereum Blockchain. Read here for more info about wrapped tokens: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-are-wrapped-tokens Again, you don't need XGuap unless you want to trade Guapcoin on a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. It’s not a necessity for anyone, just an option for those that prefer it. Here are a few examples: Example 1 - I want to buy Guapcoin. I’ve never registered with ProBit or any other centralized exchange. I don’t want to register or maybe I live in a country that won’t allow me to register. I’ve been able to acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and USDT, and I’m familiar with what’s needed to deposit/convert those and trade on PancakeSwap. So I connect my wallet to PancakeSwap and make the exchange from the crypto that I have to XGuap. Then I go to https://www.xguap.com/ and convert my XGuap 1 to 1 for Guapcoin via a smart-contract code, and the Guapcoin gets deposited into the Guap wallet address I specify. Example 2 - I want to sell Guapcoin. Same story as above except I first go to https://www.xguap.com/ and convert my Guapcoin 1 to 1 for XGuap via a smart-contract code, and the XGuap is deposited to the wallet I specify (Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Metamask, etc). I then go to PancakeSwap and make the trade for the crypto that I want. Example 3 - I want to participate in some crypto defi protocols like lending, staking, liquidity pools, etc on other blockchains. I have some extra Guapcoin. I go to https://www.xguap.com/ and convert my Guapcoin 1 to 1 for XGuap via a smart-contract code, and that XGuap gets deposited to the wallet I specify (Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, Metamask, etc). I then trade that XGuap on PancakeSwap for the coin I need to participate in whatever defi protocol I’m looking for. XGuap Pitch Deck: Hopefully all that was helpful! You can also join Tavonia’s Discord https://discord.gg/7zybbcp2NW to learn more about these projects, teach others, and find out ways you can contribute.
  12. Click here to view: Guap Times Newsletter, April 2022.pdf
  13. March 31, 2022 Analytics Insight Magazine Tavonia Evans, The entrepeneur at the intersection of blockchain and women advocacy. "The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency will involve the people it was intended to serve and bring equity to - the common people. Our focus on mass adoption will finally be realized by giving greater access and ease of use to the common man and woman who can truly benefit from the innovation." How do you envision Guapcoin to transform the decentralized ecosystem? "I see Guapcoin as a financial voice for the common people in the future. We are constantly expanding our vision to be more inclusive of everyone, particularly those whose voices have yet to be heard in the blockchain. We are still fairly early in this space so the majority of the people who are impacted have not shown up yet, but they will. When they show up, we want to have built an ecosytem that suits their comfort level and most importantly has invested in building the trust they need to thrive in it. We are going to have a world of blockchains and blockchain ecosystems that interconnect and make everyone feel valued in some way." Read more here: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/Top-10-Women-Leader-in-Blockchain-Technology-to-Follow-in-2022/#page=10
  14. March 29, 2022 Guapcoin aims to impact minority small businesses by keeping track of the community’s spending habits. Studies show that the lifespan of the dollar is just six hours in Black communities. More income needs to stay within the community to lessen the wealth gap. “This is something that will solve a lot of the problems within our community,” said Evans. “The blockchain is a lens on how to keep the money circulating in the community.” https://www.adweek.com/media/crypto-guapcoin-amplifies-voices-of-the-black-community/?utm_content=buffer687dc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  15. Desktop Wallets - see this link: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/85-backing-up-your-desktop-wallet/ Mobile Wallets - see this link: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/84-backing-up-your-mobile-wallet/ This is top priority so you don't lose access to your GUAP forever! You worked too hard for it. Learn this process and make sure you're doing it.

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