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  1. Might be issues with 20.04. 18.04 is more stable with the libraries. I had some issues with 20.04 installation and had to keep reloading it. I will report it to the developers.
  2. Hi Joe. I don't use putty. I use Digital Ocean to access my VPS via the Console. Once I'm in console, I input my lines of code to create. Once created, I start the MN after rebooting the wallet. I then use guapcoin-cli getmasternodestatus to confirm all is working well and status 4.
  3. Good morning. I'm catching up. If there was any instance where you had to hit enter after inputting your IP address to finish the installation of the files, that could be the issue. Anytime the installation was not clean through for me, I couldn't start the MN with 20.04. I have not had this problem with 18.04. I was providing personal technical support for another person and had this issues. I entered the third line of the script again. Also trying entering the "cd (space)" command and hitting enter. This would but you back in the base directory. I'm available at work if caught at the right time as work is very fluid for me at the moment.
  4. Greetings everyone. I'm evaluating my business model and coin production capacity so that I may assist with GUAP Swap while funding personal ventures especially with xGUAP coming. What has been your experience using ihostmn.com? About $1.25/month per MN is very attractive to host large volume of MNs but I enjoying the control and hands on I experience with Digital Ocean but it is pricy at $5-$12/month per node (depending on the option you select). The site states 80 MNs are currently hosted. Pros, cons, experiences, etc. I'm all EYES with the feedback.
  5. Folks are available for private support. Reach out for terms and availability. Wishing you well.
  6. Greetings everyone. Is there any status report of the outage for this site? Please advise; thanks in advance.
  7. I'm looking forward to xGUAP.
  8. Thank you for the message and shout out.
  9. I'm looking forward to Rosewood. All wallets and MNs MUST be running 2.3.2 or will be rejected from the network. The PSA effort has been good.
  10. Is this an issue for you? I searched by the three IP addresses and the MNs are not listed. Have the check the status of your VPS for each MN. Access the console for your node, login and then type guapcoin-cli getmasternodestatus. Once you have done that and the the MN is properly enabled, it will state so as a code 4 I believe. Please advise.
  11. Excellent PSA. Your wallet, your keys, your responsibility. Wallets and change wallets are critical to protect. Document, document, document.
  12. Thank you for the update. Truly appreciate all the developers hard work. Thanks.
  13. Official Guapcoin website: https://guapcoin.org/ The site will point you in every direction about the coin and provide knowledge. Once done, the information in this forum will make a bit more sense. Feed you mind and soul for the culture!

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