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ProBit Instructions (Buying GUAP)


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Basic steps for getting Guapcoin on ProBit:
1) Register at ProBit using this ProBit referral link that credits the Guap Foundation - www.probit.com/r/40216473
2) Buy BitCoin (CashApp, Venmo, etc)
3) Send Bitcoin to your ProBit Bitcoin Wallet
4) Exchange Bitcoin for Guapcoin at ProBit
5) Send Guapcoin from ProBit to your Guap wallet

Read the registration and Bitcoin deposit steps down below and then follow the detailed instructions in this video: https://youtu.be/u45QdXHQGXA

When you first land on this link --> https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/GUAP-BTC
You are in the market for Guapcoin - however you must login or register to begin trading

Please register using this ProBit referral link that credits the Guap Foundation - www.probit.com/r/40216473


It's important you learn how to use a real exchange because that's how you are able to get any amount of crypto you want - this is the equivalent to the wholesale market or the plug -lol.

The registration process is straight forward. The easiest method of additional authentication is email - which means anytime you try to login it will send you a OTP ( one time passcode ) via email. This is an additional layer of protection for your account. 


After you are registered, you will need to deposit Bitcoin to your ProBit Bitcoin Wallet.
Bitcoin will be fairly easy to get because it's been around longer. A few common places you can get Bitcoin from are CashApp, Venmo, Coinbase.com, Simplex.com, or other exchanges, depending on your preference.

Once you have Bitcoin, log in to your ProBit account, go to the wallet menu and choose deposit.  Then in the new screen, choose your Bitcoin address and send the Bitcoin to that address. 
After you send Bitcoin to your ProBit Bitcoin Wallet, you are ready to trade that Bitcoin for Guapcoin.

Again, follow the detailed instructions in this video: https://youtu.be/u45QdXHQGXA

Once you've bought your Guap, you can send it to your Guapoin wallet.  That way it's in your control, your keys, your coins.  Follow the instructions here: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/9-probit-instructions-sending-to-your-guap-wallet/


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