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MetaMask desktop wallet - connect to the Binance Smart Chain


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  1. Login to your metamask desktop Wallet.
  2. go to settings.
  3. select networks
    1. image.thumb.png.1bca7ac8a11eab00b81721fd8cce4dcd.png
  4. select add network at bottom of view
  5. Complete fields for new RPC network.
    1.  227936303_newRPCNetworkView.thumb.png.1d03a5cefb363d8c335072ffb21f7981.png
    2. for Network Name enter Smart Chain
    3. for RPC URL enter https://BSC-Dataseed.binance.org/
    4. for chain ID enter 56
    5. for symbol enter BNB.
    6. for block explorer enter https://BSCSCAN.com
  6. Lastly,  click add. Now the networks supported by metamask has changed to include the Binance Smart Chain (evidence is the Etherium logo has changed to the Binance logo, and wallet coins on the smart chain network shows BNB).
  7. good luck!




network view.pdf

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