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Incorrect Guap amount in Mobile wallet


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I transferred 41381 guap to my mobile wallet from Grow Your Guap on 3/3/2022. I haven't touched it since. Now my balance says 4002.70, block height 0. Can someone look into this please. What other info you need from me?


I just read the Telegram support. Something going on with wallet syncs. I will wait.



Edited by Nat
Read Telegram support - issue known
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Hi Nat!  Glad you saw the info in the Telegram group.

The guap mobile wallets are having issues syncing with the blockchain, and Tavonia and developers are working hard to resolve this.  Please do the following:
1) Search your wallet address on https://guapexplorer.com/ and you will see the true balance of your coins.  If that amount is different than your mobile wallet, the mobile wallet just isn't syncing correctly with the blockchain.
2) Backup your private keys, if you haven't already, by following these instructions: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/84-backing-up-your-mobile-wallet/
3) Stay tuned as Tavonia mentioned in the Telegram group.  The Guap community will be provided instructions to begin migrating to a new mobile wallet that will have improved syncing in the near future.


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