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For a Windows setup of Cold Staking, through the Guap Desktop Wallet, then these instructions below should help, at least as of this writing and using desktop wallet 2.3.1.  If you want to know how to setup cold staking on devices other than Windows, then please go to Guapcoin Cold Staking Instructions.

  1. Make sure to download the latest Guap Wallet from Github, directly, or from guapcoin.org site
  2. Once download and installed, please run it/open the wallet. This will be the "owner" wallet
  3. Then, on another Windows device or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service, install the "staking" wallet, which would also be another Guap desktop wallet to be used for staking
  4. On the "staking" Windows device, where the "staking" wallet is installed and will be running, go ahead and create your staking address
  5. Click on "Cold Staking"
  6. On the far right, towards the top, click on "Create Cold Staking Address"
    • image.png.89dd51792ca47b6862c9f356fea41e8e.png
  7. On the "New Cold Staking Address" window that pops up, you can enter the amount of Guap to be used for cold staking, min 1000, or leave it blank for now
  8. Label the address, which is to say give your "New Cold Staking Address" a name
  9. You can also provide a description for that new "Cold Staking Address" as well
    • image.png.b57d7c77b075aea4128c9f1806c69a0e.png 
  10. Once the "staking" address has been created, go ahead and copy the address
    • image.png.d813b5e019d099a317aecb4832c1fc69.png
    • image.png.1b6ae0c6ffecdbbedf329c92cb82f002.png
  11. Now, go to "Contacts"
  12. Once in "Contacts", go and copy either the "default" receive address from the "owner" wallet or create a new one specific to that stake
  13. Paste the address in the "Enter address" field, of the "staking" wallet, not forgetting to also add the name, in "Contact name" field, on the "Staking" wallet. This allows/"whitelists" the address from the "owner" wallet, where the coins actually seat
    • image.png.8829e48fbe10517f46bbd924bacc0900.png
  14. Once done, now flip to the other Windows device where the "owner" wallet is installed, again
  15. On the "owner" wallet, check to see if the "snowflake" looking icon says "Cold Staking Enabled" when you hover over it
    • image.png.b436aa494a82ecbab1140bfa13423016.png
  16. If so, then go ahead and click on "Cold Staking"
  17. In "Cold Staking" window, click on "Delegation"
  18. Enter the staking address that you created and copied from the staking wallet where it says "Cold Staking Address"
  19. Specify the amount here, if you did not do so when creating the staking address
  20. Make sure to copy and paste either the newly created receive address or the "default" receive address in where it says "Owner address"
  21. Then click on "Delegate"
    • image.png.db2d69006f5ce94e2116bd747c098174.png
  22. Go back to the "Staking address", where you should still be in the "Cold Staking" window
  23. In the "Cold Staking" window, you should now see your newly delegated staking request
  24. click on the request and select "Stake"
    • image.png.7d7909c0452f2b93587b50a6a5e87610.png
  25. It will then say "Staking", after having clicked on "stake" option in the mini window that popped out
    • image.png.8ce825d9bd9e709434b41cdddb4cd5b4.png
  26. Eventually, the icon to the left to the "snowflake" icon, will turn green and it will say "Staking active", when hovered over
    • image.png.0d80a061064f04c460ce93bd2412ea48.png

Keep in mind that "staking" does carry an initial transaction fee as well, which will be charge to you when you create the delegation.

Welp, there you have it. You now have setup staking using Windows devices and the Desktop App Graphical User Interface (GUI). Hope this helps. Happy Guaping!!! 😁





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