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funds trapped between my mobile wallet and desktop wallet

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Hello and welcome! Here are some tips for you:

  1. Don't try to upgrade your wallet yet.  You need to work through a few things first.
  2. A reminder - your coins are stored on the blockchain in your wallet address; they aren't actually stored in your wallet.  The mobile and desktop wallets sync with the blockchain to show you what's stored at your specific wallet address or addresses.  In essence, your wallets give you access to the address on the blockchain. 
  3. It sounds like you sent some coins from your mobile wallet to your desktop wallet and the coins aren't showing up in your desktop wallet, correct?  If so, go to https://guapcoinexplorer.com/ or https://guapexplorer.com/ and search for your desktop address that you used, and you should see all transactions going to or from that wallet address.  You can do the same for your mobile wallet.
  4. Top priority - get the private key from every wallet address you own (mobile and desktop).  You need those desktop wallet keys before upgrade, but you want the mobile keys for safety and good practice.  Follow the instructions here. https://www.guaptalk.org/forum/56-backup-your-wallet-private-keys/

Let me know when you've confirmed the above or if you have questions or troubles.

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