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Black Tech Futures Media - NFTs: Future Biznss of Art


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December 2, 2021    4pm-8pm EST

Featuring Guapcoin community members:
Khamani Harrison (Founder, The Key Bookstore & GUAPCOIN Node) 
Maven Muse (Director of Operations, Guap Foundation)

Link: https://blacktechfutures.media/events
Tickets ($1.00 minimum donation required): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nfts-future-biznss-of-art-tickets-189870476707?internal_ref=social

Black Tech Futures Media's 1st Virtual Event Streamed on Mul
NFTs: Future Biznss of Art is a half-day virtual NFT artist event designed to deconstruct  COVID-19's impact on art and business and how blockchain tech is amplifying the Creator Economy in 2021. Join our summit! 

You’re invited to attend a virtual party featuring artists, rappers, creators, and founders who will explore “NFTs and the Future of the Business of Art” during a half-day summit. The hosts, Ira Revels and Jamil Ahmed have over the past 40+ weeks co-hosted a weekly podcast engaging artists, poets, musicians, founders, collectors, and creators about NFTs (i.e. non-fungible tokens or smart contracts and crypto art). NFTs, or non-fungible tokens are a new way for creators to engage their audiences, sell their work, and get paid royalties on secondary+ sales!

During the summit, you will participate in 15-minute use talks by leading creators in crypto, blockchain, and digital art about the blockchain, artist funding, Defi platform grants, and fundraising for their creative projects during COVID-19. We also debut our new show “What the Fungible?” with a digital wallet tutorial and connect to other BIPOC creators for answers to your most pressing questions about NFTs, DeFi, Web3. We want you to know ways to prepare for what is being called, "the new internet."

Finally, we're celebrating BTFM’s first AI/VR artist – Balam Soto’s genesis NFT drop!

Below are just some of our speakers & performers. Learn Defi, NFTs, dApps, & more!


Khamani Harrison, Founder, The Key Bookstore in Hartford, CT

Khamani Harrison

Founder, The Key Bookstore & GUAPCOIN Node

Nikole Maxwell, CEO Technikole Consulting & Clubhouse moderator

Nicole Maxwell

CEO, Technikole Consulting & CAO The Black Metaverse

Maven Muse, Director of Operations at GUAP Foundation.

Maven Muse

Director of Operations, Guap Foundation

Dr. Lemny Perez, Psychologist and NFT creator

Dr. Lemny Perez

Psychologist & NFT Artist

Moderator, Clubhouse

Lord Sanctus, CEO of Web3 Indie Hip Hop label Connect The Coast

Lord Sanctus

Founder/Rapper, Connect The Coast 

Web 3 Indie Hip Hop Label

Stefan Youngblood, CEO/Founder, Hireblack.com, CEO/Founder, The Black Metaverse

Stefan Youngblood

Founder/CEO, Hireblack.com

Founder/CEO, The Black Metaverse


Valentine, Hartford rapper and NFT artist


Rapper & NFT Artist


Balam Soto, New Media Artist innovation, adventure + pushing the culture forward. AR/VR



Hartford, CT  AR/VR artist Balam Soto makes his genesis NFT collection available on a popular marketplace. Black Tech Futures Media is excited to work with Balam,  providing guidance on his first-ever collection of 50 images that he captured from an AI software program he coded.

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