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From Ifagbemi
Guapcoin Merchant, owner of Freedom Paper Company https://fpcpower.com/

Greetings Guap Family.
May peace, power, and blessings abound. We r looking to put a team together to produce a major Guapcoin promotional series that will start next Friday and push attention to the blessings of Guapcoin into 2022. Everyone here will be able to play a role and the community will be continually updated. First up we would like to get a meeting with those who have skills and talents in marketing, promotions, graphics, video editing and production. We have up to 10 slots for those whose talents fit the foregoing. For those who desire to be a part of what we believe will be a monumental promotions push for the vision and adoption of Guap to the people, this is a call to You.
First meeting will be this Friday, Nov 19 7:30pm EST.
Interested? Want to do some work for your people and community?  DM me via the Guapcoin Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/2jdJc8qTvEBjZmNh Appreciated!!!

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