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Transaction creation failed!


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Hey Okolo!  I've never had that happen before, but I also don't do cold staking right now.  Have you confirmed that both the sending wallet and the receiving cold staking wallet are updated to 2.3.2 and syncing fully with the blockchain?

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I can no longer create MNs getting this error when funding new MNs.

I did a full wallet restore.

I have gone into coin control and removed and added mns rewards for a few and selected all MNs I get this error or insufficient funds (not those words but the same).

Has anyone been able to fix this error?


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Ugh, sorry for the ongoing trouble here.  I've still never experienced the too big error and I've sent transactions with 500+ coin inputs before.  I think I've experienced the insufficient funds error before, but it was so long ago and I think it was a temporary thing where restarting my wallet and trying later worked.

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