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My name is Michael Vernon. I am a fan and masternode operator of Guap Coin. I am a fan of Oduwa Coin. Both Projects Share the same vision to be the voice for Diaspora , the black owned crypto currency for the people. I think the lack right now is the unity, both doing their own mission . I am aware that at some point the two wonderful project will meet. However, to further adaopt these strategic partnership must take place early on in the development. I know at some point Guap will have their own exchange. Oduwa has already done that(not launched yet). By introducing GUAP/OWC pair, this will bring deeper liquidity, more Ubuntu both ecosystems. 

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Hi Michael, and welcome! Thanks for your passion for Guapcoin and for sharing about Oduwa.  Their project does look hopeful and beneficial for people of African descent. Since Guapcoin is decentralized finance, we all have full power to dream and work for the good and make connections that we think will help the community, and see if others jump on board. So keep sharing the news, see what you can make happen, and perhaps a collaboration can be birthed.  Feel free to share this on the Telegram channel too and see what the Guap community thinks as well.  People are just beginning to start checking things out here on Guaptalk, but it's good you have this thread ready.

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