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Masternode loosing guap


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Last night my wallet dropped when it came back up it was resyncing.

it never resync it got almost to 990000 block then began loosing my guap.


i checked my vps and all mns are online and enabled. I checked the explorer and all guap is accounted for. What is happening can a dev assist?

Windows OS

Update 2.3.2

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Did you get this all fixed, Yolanda?  And if so, can you share your solution since you've been able to troubleshoot issues nicely before.  I'm not a developer, just a community member trying to help when I can, and wanted to check in.

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19 hours ago, Yolanda said:

Keith thank you for asking I did find a solution after a total restore of my pc, fresh installs of all wallets and conf’s, and patience everything is working fine.

Awesome, and wow!  That was a lot of work and patience.  Bummer it took that much effort, but so glad that you were able to resolve it and get things working.  That feels good!

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