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Guap Desktop Wallet Staking Rewards Issue


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Issue: i allegedly have multiple mns hosted on pecunia, some of my alleged mns have never received staking rewards and particular ones receive multiple staking rewards at one time.

Can you reliably reproduce the issue?

If so, please list the steps to reproduce below:

  1. Yes
  2. My mns produce everyday, as they post daily I can see which ones receive staking rewards.

Expected behavior

Tell us what should happen I believe I should receive at least a staking rewards for each mn staked.

Actual behavior

Tell us what happens instead, see issue above.


If the issue is related to the GUI, screenshots can be added to this issue via drag & drop.

What version of Guapcoin Core are you using?

List the version number/commit ID, and if it is an official binary, self compiled or a distribution package.

Machine specs:

  • OS: Win8.1 64bit
  • CPU: AMD A10-5745M w Radeon Graphics 2.1ghz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disk size: 620 GB, 57 gb used
  • Disk Type (HD/SDD): hd Toshiba mq01abd075

Any extra information that might be useful in the debugging process.

This is normally the contents of a debug.logdb.logor config.log file. Raw text or a link to a pastebin type site are preferred.



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Hi Yolanda!  I'll just share my experience and understanding in case it's helpful.  Basically, the more coins that are in a wallet address that is staking, the more frequently that wallet will receive rewards.  If I have my desktop wallet set to staking and have masternodes, I generally find that the 10,000 coins don't really count toward staking.  So the masternode wallets will rarely receive staking rewards unless they get at least 11,000 coins, but even that will generate minimal rewards because it's only 1,000 extra coins.  So masternode staking rewards will be really random (even occasional duplicates), especially if they don't hold many coins above 10,000.

  • In general, my experience is if you stake 1,000-3,000, you’ll get a reward every 3-5 days or longer, but if you stake above 5,000, you’ll get a reward daily or every other day. It’s random and not guaranteed. It typically takes 1-3 days after staking before the rewards show up.
  • The more you stake in a wallet address, the more regularly and frequently the rewards come.
  • Also, the more transactions that are flowing in the Guap blockchain, the more proof of stake is needed, and the more rewards will start flowing.
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