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How to reveal your Desktop Wallet's "private key"


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Go to Your Desktop Wallet Console

  1. Go to the settings tab of your wallet.
  2. Then click the debug tab, then select Console from the dropdown window.

Unlock Your Desktop Wallet

  1. In the console field, start to type wallet , you will then see wallet passphrase in a menu, select  on wallet passphrase from the menu.
  2. type as follows (a space, your wallet's passphrase, another space, the number of seconds(example 1200 for 20 minutes) you want your wallet to be unlocked, then hit enter.

Reveal and Backup Your Desktop Wallet Private Keys

  1. In the console start to type dumppriv key, it will now be seen in a menu so select dumpprivkey from menu.
  2. Now Go to the home page of your wallet and in the upper right hand corner of this page you will see the QR code for your wallet's public address, then click on the QR code and copy it.
  3. Return to the wallet's  console via the settings tab, then type the dumpprivkey console command and hit a space, then paste in the wallet's address you just copied in step-6, then hit enter.
  4. You should now see your private key as output (Never ever share your private key with others because they will then have access to your coins!!!)
  5. Copy and save your private in a safe place for a  possible future need!
  6. Do this for every wallet address you have created in your Desktop Wallet.
  7. Good luck family!
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