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Article - Top 10 women leaders in Blockchain including Tavonia Evans


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March 31, 2022
Analytics Insight Magazine

Tavonia Evans, The entrepeneur at the intersection of blockchain and women advocacy.
"The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency will involve the people it was intended to serve and bring equity to - the common people.  Our focus on mass adoption will finally be realized by giving greater access and ease of use to the common man and woman who can truly benefit from the innovation."

How do you envision Guapcoin to transform the decentralized ecosystem?
"I see Guapcoin as a financial voice for the common people in the future.  We are constantly expanding our vision to be more inclusive of everyone, particularly those whose voices have yet to be heard in the blockchain.  We are still fairly early in this space so the majority of the people who are impacted have not shown up yet, but they will.  When they show up, we want to have built an ecosytem that suits their comfort level and most importantly has invested in building the trust they need to thrive in it.  We are going to have a world of blockchains and blockchain ecosystems that interconnect and make everyone feel valued in some way."

Read more here: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/Top-10-Women-Leader-in-Blockchain-Technology-to-Follow-in-2022/#page=10

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