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New Wallet Not Connecting/Syncing


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I am trying to add a new wallet to my PC so I can transfer a wallet from my laptop to my desktop but the new wallet is not loading and is not connecting. I'm not having internet issues so I'm not sure what the issue is.


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Ok, here are a few tips:

  1. If you haven't already, make sure to backup your wallet private key(s) for every address in this wallet and your laptop wallet.  Instructions are here: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/85-backing-up-your-desktop-wallet/
  2. Have you tried shutting down the wallet fully, and then restarting?  And also tried restarting your computer?
  3. When you click on settings, information, do you see any connections?  Also does the blockchain show a number of blocks?
  4. You might need to go to settings, wallet repair, and choose rebuild index (this could take several hours)
  5. You could also join the support telegram and people (like me) might be able to help you more in real time.  https://t.me/joinchat/HgQWhIFCqaeXLzPF
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Sorry you're still having trouble!  Have you checked to see if your antivirus or other security settings are blocking the wallet from connecting?  You could try temporarily turning off your antivirus or checking the settings to see if it's flagging and preventing the guapcoin wallet.

If that's not helping, you could try the following steps:

  1. Click the "active connection" button
  2. Click "Peers" tab. 
  3. Select any peer lower than version 2.3.2.      
  4. Right-click and select ban node for 1 week. 
  5. Right-click that same node and select "disconnect node"    
  6. Perform these steps on all nodes less than version 2.3.2


If that doesn't work, you could also try these steps:

  1. Shutdown your Guapcoin wallet completely.
  2. Locate the Guapcoin application folder (should be in Users>Your Name>AppData>Roaming?Guapcoin and create a backup copy of the wallet.dat and store it in a separate folder for safety.
  3. In that folder, delete the blocks, chainstate, and sporks folder
  4. Download latest bootstrap.zip file here: https://github.com/guapcrypto/Guapcoin/releases/download/v2.3.2/bootstrap.zip
  5. Unzip that downloaded file.
  6. From the unzipped folder, copy the blocks, chainstate, and sporks folder to the Guapcoin application folder where you deleted those from previously
  7. When that's done, restart your wallet and see if the wallet starts syncing.

Keep us posted on how things go.

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