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I used the site https://www.xguap.com/transform/ to try to convert GUAP to xGUAP. However, I have not received the xGUAP yet and its been over an hour. This is what i did...

I entered in the xGUAP from my metamask. I then sent the 510 amount to the address from my desktop wallet. I did enter my email under advanced options, but i did not receive any verifications and i waited for the timer to go all the way down. I saw the amount leave my desktop wallet, but i have not seen anything in my metamask yet. Also, the metamask shows as GUAPX and i am on the GUAPX Network. (That is the correct network right?)

The transaction id in my desktop wallet is fc224c5d059070856b4bec9ecc021f04de6c3b22fe2486c8b4a1db79e4c0b949 and has been confirmed.

The metamask wallet address is 0x8fcf219605d2A4633889dc9864fC6D02108b4e5d.



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Hello again!

Have you made any progress or received any coins?  From what you're describing there, it seems like you're confusing xGuap and GuapX, including in how you setup your transaction.  You'll want to take it slow and careful, because if you make a mistake on the blockchain (wrong address, wrong network in metamask, etc), the blockchain transaction will just fail and the coins will be lost forever, and no one can get them back.

Here are some quick notes:

  • xGuap - a wrapped/suitcase version of Guapcoin that works via the Binance Smart Chain.  It basically wraps (temporarily converts) Guapcoin to a coin that can operate on the BSC, a completely separate blockchain from the Guapcoin chain.  This was the project launched about a year ago.  Read more here: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/281-xguap-basics/
  • GuapX - the token that operates on the GuapcoinX blockchain, which is Guapcoin's Interoperable Layer 2 Blockchain.  It provides Smart Contract ability to the legacy Guapcoin chain and enables decentralized finance opportunities, decentralized applications building, metaverse creation and participation, NFT's, etc.  Read more here: https://guapx.network/

So in your transaction above, if you really wanted xGuap noted in option 1, you should have switched your Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain.  See these instructions: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/254-metamask-desktop-wallet-convert-guapcoin-to-xguap

If you actually wanted GuapX, then you would use the GuapX network in Metamask and use the Bridge website here: https://bridge.guapcoinx.com/

Hope that gets you moving in the right direction.  Feel free to keep me posted about your original transaction and how things go.


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