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Old Version 1 Wallet Transfer to New Wallet Issues due to Mnemonic Phrases & no Passwords. Please Help.

Mimi Gee

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I am one of many who had an Android Masternode Share wallet started by Tavonia back in mid 2020. I have a PIN & Mnemonic Phrase. However, neither one of those allows me to transfers anything to any wallet, including my knew one. This has been an ongoing request to resolve for the past few months. It's been said the the creator of the masternode share is the only one who can make the transfer. I last corresponded with Tavonia 7/26 and she said to go ahead and start a thread here as the devs are working on resolving the issue. My V1 Android master node share has not received rewards and been stuck since May 31st.

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4 minutes ago, Mimi Gee said:

To clarify, we don't have passwords as we chose PINS & Mnemonic phrases. It is also my understanding that a website needs to be used to convert the phrase into a private key.

I too am having this issue as well. My wallet has been offline since 6/1. I have the original wallet. I cannot move coins or masternode to another wallet. Resetting the wallet does nothing. PLEASE HELP! 

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