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Women new to cryptocurrency, a word!

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To the community just learning, the only way to gain knowledge in the field is to jump out there and do it. Do not be discouraged if you can read, follow and google you can be your own boss in crypto.


A long time ago I was told that the computer industry was a waste of time, I should be a teacher (stay in your place) and this person stopped any support of my dreams of self sufficiency from 1999 until he passed away in 2019. He was my dad.


I’ve been chasing technology since then and all I’ve ever been told is what I shouldn’t do because I don’t know....I work in IT Security for the federal government because of them, no degree and no certs (not bragging God js) i appreciate them.


My dad told me he was proud of my belligerent defiance and doing what was best for me shortly before he passed.


How I found guapcoin and Tavonia Evans. I heard about internet money in 2018 being around those Uber geeks in the tech field but they berated it to the ground. I tend to not believe other people’s experiences and go find out myself so I did. I remember thinking in my gut, I don’t understand this but THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG! I did not buy into Bitcoin simply because I didn’t but I started researching and I saw this sista so I turned in. When I started in IT there were not a lot of women and definitely not a lot of African Americans and she’s into blockchain technology too. 


This Sista created a blockchain for the community, our own money controlled by US, i pieced the money together and I jumped on board. This lady was not only programming she built a commerce for the community. Smart, Ambitious and doing it.


I’ve been staking a Masternode since 2019 to give myself space to learn. Why! This is the ground floor of new technology so learn it for yourself and with guapcoin no more middle men so Yolanda you need to control your own guapcoin. I gave an account with one of the first blockchain, cryptocurrency learning environments Blockgeeks and I’ve been learning ever sense.


I have 1 hosted MN, 4 MN’s hosted outside Guap and 3 I share on GrowYourGuap.

Jump in and learn, go for it!!!!!!
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Thanks so much for posting this and sharing your experience.  Your determination and resilience are inspiring to all of us, and it's so great to have your perspectives and passion in the community. Keep sharing!  We all gotta keep learning and pushing forward together.

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