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Rosewood and Tulsa Blockchain Update (target launch Dec 2021)


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From the recent Guap Foundation Newsletter: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/90-newsletter-guap-times-november-2021/

The Rosewood  and Tulsa update is designed to deliver the much anticipated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which brings onchain governance and voting to the Guapcoin ecosystem. Due to several  concerns, the implementation of the DAO was postponed by the Core Devs to allow them to properly mitigate all known issues. The DAO is slated to launch before 2022. In the coming weeks the Guap Core Team will begin to post content and tutorials designed to educate and provide detailed information on the DAO.
Below is a summary of what training to expect before the release of the Tulsa and Rosewood update.

Training will begin this month (November 2021) via Guapcoin.org, Gitlab, Guaptalk, Guap Academy and all social media channels:

1.    The DAO explained,
2.    The DAO proposal submission process, and
3.    How to vote on proposals for the DAO.

Coming in December 2021 (via Guapcoin.org, Gitlab, Guaptalk, Guap Academy and all social media channels), are details on where to download the Tulsa+Rosewood update and how to properly upgrade your masternodes and Guapcoin desktop wallets. The deadline to upgrade your masternode and desktop wallets to the Rosewood+Tulsa update will be 30 days after official release of software on the Github website. Full details about the launch will be released this month.


Also, here is a link to more information about the Masternode Owner's vote, the thoughts behind the update, and the new Masternode payout: https://www.guapcoin.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Guapcoin-MN-Owners-Vote-Final.pdf

A block happens every 1 minute. So there are about 525,600 blocks per year.  MN payouts are roughly every 20-24 hours.

NEW REWARD TIMELINE (After the Update)


OLD REWARD TIMELINE (Current until Update)

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