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Thanks to all the Guap Family Team


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Ok, Guap family, here comes a long one.  Appreciation time!  Why am I doing this?  Because I'm a grateful community member who knows that we all need each other to succeed.

I wish I could thank each person in here individually because so many have given time, money, thought, effort, skill, prayer, and rugged hard work to help Guapcoin move forward.  That is decentralized effort by a collaborative community at its best.  Let me just name a few.  

Tavonia - you've dreamed for us all and laid a foundation for the global Black community to thrive and flourish.  Guapcoin - crypto for the culture and its own blockchain.  Brilliant! You've conquered mountains and leveled fields. The sky is the limit thanks to you as a shining star. What you've birthed is world-changing. All of us are forever grateful.

JR Williams and the development team - you have given countless volunteer hours building and securing the blockchain, wallets, code, user interface, github docs, etc. The backbone of Guapcoin, making good things happen with brilliance and precision.

Jerome - volunteering to help communication flow and updates get posted. So needed and takes a lot of time and thought.

AJ - I always like reading what you write and seeing your crypto expertise shine.  You have such a caring heart and some serious blockchain insights. Also a huge thank you for directing the Guap Foundation with class, poise, and grit for these years.  Wishing you all the best in this next season.

Maven - your passion and focus are such a gift, along with your efforts to connect the community, while making education such a priority so we can all learn and grow together.

Kemberly - your fire and hope keep us all rallying together, and you never let us forget that we all have a part and we can do it, and we are our own wealth. And you’ve taken on the director of fundraising role for the Guap Foundation too. Applause!

Dee (Darlene) - You have so many details and projects you are coordinating, while trying to help the community join together and stay focused on long-term growth and development.  That's all a heavy lift.

AJ, Maven, Dee, Kemberly - whoa you all are so incredible, so wise, compassionate, determined, resilient.  Your newsletters, thoughts, input, community engagement, and unceasing work are seen and noticed.  Thanks for caring so deeply and never giving up. Each one of you is incredible and inspiring.

Jason - thank you for offering legal insight and expertise.  That's essential for the long-term success of Guapcoin efforts. And for taking on the role of interim managing director for the Guap Foundation, thank you.

Okolo - you've helped so many of us first get started in Guapcoin and have given a lot of your time, care, resources, and assistance to help individuals and the community move forward. Many of us are grateful for your one-on-one support, plus the big efforts you’re making behind the scenes and in the public eye.

Guap Foundation Team - I know I've already mentioned each of you by name, but I need to say it again, your work to educate and inspire communities through Guapcoin initiatives is phenomenal.

Joshua - your kindness and alertness as community moderator are refreshing.

Ovit - you’ve given so significantly of your time and resources, always marketing Guap on a non-stop basis, helping the community stay informed, welcoming new people, and giving everyone hope that they can make a difference too.

Ronnie - thank you for the thoughts, requests, and encouragement you’ve shared, and for your passionate support, and all you're doing to connect people all over the world to Guapcoin.  I know you're pounding it out there every day for Guapcoin.  

Caron - you’re doing it as a merchant with sleek Guap medallion necklaces, and a community member offering support and perspective.

Khamani - not only do you run the most awesome online bookstore as a Guap merchant, but you’re also jumping in to look for solutions to help Guap flourish and the global community benefit from decentralization. 

Amati - your passion, enthusiasm, and motivation are a fresh boost, and thank you for offering your solid video creation skills and other efforts to help push Guap forward.

Masternode Goblin - you always make sure we remember that the Guap project is one of the best things that’s ever happened to this community and that we all need to find a contribution to make.  You’ve helped people see and believe that they need to learn and do, not just rely on others.

CryptoVibez - you’ve helped educate and motivate so many people, including the women in Guap, who are a powerful and vital part of the Guap community (also one of my favorite things about Guap in particular is the number of women so involved).

Yolanda - you are just digging in and diving deep, learning all you can, staying informed and gaining understanding so that you can participate, offer insight, and help others learn about Guap while you gain your own skill too.

Ifagbemi - as a business owner and committed Guap merchant, you have so much wisdom and insight to offer, and your devotion to seeing the project and community thrive is uplifting. We appreciate it so much.

SharkStonks - you’ve jumped in, offered some great conversations and helpful questions, and insightful tips to others.

Steam Revolution - you keep dreaming big, wanting others to see the potential for Guap, and offering support and resources to help the community go to the next level.

Leonard - you are so inspiring as you and your family work to grow your masternodes and support the community and find ways to help others figure this all out.

Tony - thanks for helping us stay focused on being smart and secure, and for always being willing to assist whenever you can.

Omnionix - you’ve asked a lot of good questions, and have been open to conversations and dialogue, and you’ve offered your skills and insights to help the community learn and move forward, while also being an advocate to gain support from others.

Taejah - you’ve been consistently sharing the Guap love to your network, offering help to people in the community, taking time to give perspective and feedback

Guap Saint - you’ve done some amazing artwork and design for Guap, pushing through tough times out of love for the Guap family.  We’re still cheering for you and praying for your healing.  Stay strong!

Cory - your determination to dream big for the global guap community is beautiful, and your commitment to helping others find their place and supporting them along the way is so important.

Skye - you always have some good thoughts and ideas to offer, along with being an encouraging motivator to us all.

Nick - you’ve learned with us, offered some good expertise and perspective, and stayed hopeful about ongoing momentum and potential.

Tiara - you educated yourself, figured things out, collected Guap over time, and worked toward a masternode through determined effort.

Wallet holders - each of you matter and are a core part of the Guap ecosystem.

Masternode holders - you keep the blockchain humming along and help provide guidance to this community project.  Such a big deal.

Donation givers - a huge thank you as your contributions have helped carry Guap to this point and are giving it greater momentum forward. Every dollar and Guapcoin donated is making a difference.

Guap merchants - each of you is worth honoring and celebrating as you are helping build the currency flow Guapcoin. It's so great having you in the ecosystem, for real.

Those who have offered help and skills - I know there are so many of you who have volunteered for a single project or for many projects, for helping one other person, or helping all of us.  It all is important and your efforts are honored.

Those who were beginning/early to Guap - thank you for all the labor, sacrifice, investment, commitment, determination, and resilience that has brought us to where we are as you've laid such a strong foundation. Many of us will never fully know the cost it's taken to bring us to this point, but we are truly grateful.

The thousands I haven’t named - you’ve shared questions and ideas in here and your voice is valued and needed.  Some of you have said nothing, and that’s ok too. Thank you just for being here in the community.  We all have a way of participating that fits us. Many of you are out there holding your wallet, telling others about Guap, and that’s important too.  Some of you are just observing and learning.  Thank you.  We need that diligence, and learning is always the first step.

To everyone here who cares about the Guap family and refuses to give up - thank you so much.  We’re all in this together.

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