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Rosewood Update - Phase 1 Released


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From the Developers: Rosewood Phase 1 is now released.

This rewards increase is a major update for all users. The upgrade is fairly simple and requires desktop wallet users to delete the blockchain and chainstate folders from the Guapcoin application directory.

This release increases rewards to 20 Guap for Masternodes and 5 Guap for staking. The rewards will remain at this rate until we release the Tulsa DAO upgrade in January – February 2022.

All Masternodes and Desktop Wallets must be updated before block height 1,260,000

Failure to update will result in removal/disconnect from the blockchain, meaning your desktop wallet or masternode will not sync with the network, no rewards will be received, and your desktop wallet will be unable to perform transactions.

Read here for more info and instructions: https://guapcoin.org/news/guapcoin-rosewood-phase-1-rewards-update-version-2-3-2-released/

Watch this video for step by step instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sn0FDOvSg4

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