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Masternodes go missing


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Hi there and welcome!
You'll also need to update your masternode configuration.  How is your masternode set up (self-hosted, Pecunia, ihostMN, etc)?  If it's self-hosted, you'll need to follow the instructions here: https://guapcoin.org/news/guapcoin-rosewood-phase-1-rewards-update-version-2-3-2-released/

If it's with Pecunia, they've already updated the code, but you might need to restart, or talk with their support team.

If it's with ihostMN, you'll want to talk with their support team.


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21 hours ago, Nellz said:

I have two MNs. They aren't self hosted, still not sure on how to get them working.

Self hosted means you set them up yourself (like at Digital Ocean or Vultr or some other virtual private server).  Did someone else set them up for you like at Grow Your Guap or GuapPools or something like that?

Also what do you mean by go missing?  Do you mean the masternode status changes to missing in your wallet or when you look at https://guapcoinexplorer.com/masternodes or something else?  I'd like to help point you in the right direction but it really depends on how and where your masternodes are currently set up.

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Is this an issue for you?  I searched by the three IP addresses and the MNs are not listed.   Have the check the status of your VPS for each MN.  Access the console for your node, login and then type guapcoin-cli getmasternodestatus.  Once you have done that and the the MN is properly enabled, it will state so as a code 4 I believe.  Please advise.


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Ok, thanks for that info.  I have more understanding now.  Here are some thoughts:

  1. Top priority - back up those private keys for each wallet address you have with coins in it, but don't post private keys here.  See this link for instructions: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/85-backing-up-your-desktop-wallet/
  2. Once you've done that, decide if you want to setup masternodes on your own or just keep the coins in your wallet and let me know what you decide. 
  3. Most likely you'll just need to consider those 3 masternodes dead and start fresh.  If you didn't keep paying for the Digital Ocean server, that masternode is dead.  Since only you and Tavonia know what server your other masternodes are on and they're not currently working, you'll most likely just need to start over with those masternodes too.
  4. All it takes to delete your masternodes and unlock those coins in your wallet is for you to click the 3 dots by the masternode status (where it says missing) in your picture, and click delete.  Or you can go to the masternode.conf file on your PC, open it, and delete the entry or entries that you no longer need.  That file is found at C:\Users\"Your Name"\AppData\Roaming\Guapcoin 
  5. Once you decide what to do with the coins, you can choose how/where you want to setup your masternodes if desired.  Here's a link with info: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/50-masternode-setup/?tab=comments#comment-90

Take it slow and please ask questions as you go

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