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not received guapcoin since jan 1, 2022


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Hi Sheldon, welcome!  It sounds like you have a masternode share that you purchased awhile ago.  Tavonia and team are working hard to update the mobile wallets and the masternodes connected to them, and she appreciates your patience while they undertake this big task.  We don't have a completion date yet.

Regarding the 2.4999 guapcoin, how much were you expecting?  The masternode rewards were cut in half (to 10 per full node) based on the Guap blockchain code around the middle of 2022.  However, masternode owners voted last year to change this and the new code is being implemented.  On Jan 1, the rates increased temporarily to 20 per masternode as part of the most recent update.  When the next update happens (goal is by end of February), the masternode rewards will go to 16.  See this announcement for more info about that change: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/89-rosewood-and-tulsa-blockchain-update-target-launch-dec-2021/

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Tavonia and team just finished updating the mobile wallets and the Guappool masternodes connected to them. They should be syncing correctly and sending rewards now.  The guapcoinexplorer website will hopefully be running again in the next few days.  Her team is working on that too.  For now, can you do the following?

  1. Go to https://guapexplorer.com/ and paste in your mobile address and see if you think the value and transactions are correct on the blockchain.
  2. Check your mobile wallet and see if transactions are syncing correctly in your mobile wallet.

Let us know if you're having troubles still.

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