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desktop Guap Wallet issue


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In my desktop wallet.  where it shows. "immature"Guap, I keep getting very large Guap amounts coming through, which causes my total Guap balance to be ever changing.  I have been trying to trouble shoot i f I have a wallet syncing problem, but, now I am stuck.  Do you have any thoughts on what may be my wallet problem.  thank you in advance.I was trying to set up masternode number 22 when the problem first manifested. My computer is a Macbook Air M1 and my operating system is up to date.  Also I am using the Pecunia platform to host my Guapcoin Masternodes,  I have a very strong wifi signal in my home where my computer is.  I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.  I thank you in advance.  I have tried a few of the wallet repair options, but no sucess!




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I think you need to make sure your wallet is upgraded to 2.3.1 or perhaps you still have two versions of your wallet on your Mac, maybe the old 2.3.1 and the new 2.3.2 and you're sometimes opening the wrong one.  That's happened to quite a few people, like me, when we first did the upgrade and hadn't deleted the old wallet yet.

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