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MetaMask desktop wallet - convert Guapcoin to XGuap


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Example Transaction: Send 1000 guapcoins to MetaMask

  1. go to https://www.xguap.com/transform/ to get your Smart Contract Guapcoin Address for where to send your Guapcoins
  2. Complete the fields in the Swap window.
    1. for  the Swap  from Guap field enter 1000.
    2. for the $XGuap Address field (Bep20)field enter 0xd74068c0fff0694bb7ad88bce9cdc5f74799f05c
    3. Next click 'Swap'.
  3. You will get an Address for where to send your 1000 Guapcoins.
  4. Send 1000 Guapcoins to that address.
  5. Because the Guap to $xGuap transformation is pegged 1 to 1, you will end up with 1000 $XGuap tokens in your Desktop Metamask Wallet after the Guapcoin send is complete with the required number of confirmations (about 9) on the transaction.
  6. You will also get a message telling you the Swap is complete in the Swap window.
  7. Good Luck and Happy Trading!


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