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Growyourguap discontinued?


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On 6/7/2022 at 3:14 AM, Pazcoo said:

Is there any work happening on that site, it seemed to be popular and an easy beginner friendly way to invest GUAP in Masternodes. Any update would be appreciated.

Thanks for checking in!  Grow Your Guap is a project that Tavonia and her team developed and operated to help newcomers over the past several years begin acquiring and growing their Guapcoin.  Last we heard from Tavonia, it is basically on an indefinite pause with possibility that it will be resumed in the future, but not for certain.  It's a major project that requires a great deal of skill and time to maintain, particularly when the Guap blockchain undergoes major updates.  Tavonia and the team just don't have the hours to keep it going right now, and the hope is that people in the Guap community will learn and teach each other how to setup their own staking or masternodes to support the blockchain and strengthen the ecosystem, shifting more of the tech burden to the global community.  Earlier this year, Tavonia and the team made it possible for people to withdraw their funds at anytime, even if their two-year commitment wasn't complete.

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