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592333411_ScreenShotsafariscreenshot.pdf1.  Purpose:  You can Send or Receive  Bitcoins (BTCs) from your Guap Multi coin Web wallet.

a.  From the 'home page' of your Guapcoin desktop wallet.

b. In your browser go to webwallet.guapcoin.org


. Then click on wallet in the upper right corner of page.

h. You have accessed the Guap Multicoin WEB Wallet!

i.  Now,  you must log into the wallet using your security credentials (e-mail ADDRESS, and WALLET PASSWORD.

j.  You have accessed the Wallet's 'dashboard':walletdashboard.pdf

k.  Select the coin that you want to send or receive (Guap or BTC),  When completing the send amount, you must subtract the sending fee  from your coinavailble  balance, or you will receive a sending error>>>>"lack of funds". 

l.  Goodluck Family!😃




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