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Import wallet address using private key


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These instructions will help you import an old wallet address to a new desktop wallet by using your private key.

If you've backed up the private key to your wallet address, the basic steps are as follows:

  1. If a desktop wallet isn't already running on your computer, install a new desktop wallet from here: https://guapcoin.org/get-guap/
  2. Once the wallet is fully installed and synced, make sure it is unlocked.
  3. Go to settings > debug > console and type importprivkey followed by your private key in the command line
    1. The command line will look like this: importprivkey 749549423494249422 (This is just a fake private key, but replace it with your true private key copied and pasted if possible so you don't mistype).
  4. Then hit enter and it should import your wallet to the desktop wallet.
  5. Wait for your imported wallet address to sync fully.
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