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Rosewood/Tulsa update: phase 1 soon, phase 2 postponed


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From the development team:

  • The  Guapcoin DAO release is postponed in order for the developers and security team to ensure the code is up to the latest security patches.
  • Phase 1 of the Rosewood update is on schedule to be released around December 5-10. Phase 1 is designed to reinstate rewards back to 20 MN, 5 staking temporarily until the DAO is released in Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 - full DAO launch, rewards continuing at new schedule.
  • Read this link for more detailed info: https://www.guaptalk.org/topic/89-rosewood-and-tulsa-blockchain-update-target-launch-dec-2021/

Stay tuned here for more information and updates.

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  • The title was changed to Rosewood/Tulsa update: phase 1 soon, phase 2 postponed

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